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We know that each home and environment is unique, as well as individual special events and holidays.
We want to hear from you, what we can do to help prepare your home for your special day.

There are a lot of aspects of a newly constructed home. From choosing the lot on which to build, to clearing the lot, constructing the home, installing cabinets, fixtures, and flooring, painting, landscaping, and finally to completion, a lot of time has passed and a lot of people have been involved in the process. One aspect that should not be forgotten before the house becomes a residence, is cleaning the complete interior of the home. Maid to Serve professionals specialize in preparing a house to become a home with our unique and thorough cleaning services.

Some of the services that we provide for our new construction properties include; clearing all dust from the interior of the home, cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchen areas, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, ensuring all cabinets and appliances are wiped clean on the exterior and the interior, and any other cleaning services that we deem necessary, or ones that have been requested from the property owners.

Maid to Serve professionals are highly-trained to clean, sanitize, and prepare a home for a new family to occupy. We take great care in paying close attention-to-detail with all of our cleaning projects, because we know it is important for our customers to feel right at home after one of our cleaning services.

We believe that among the many things that a family must do when moving into a newly constructed home, cleaning is one of the tasks that can easily be done by someone else. This is when Maid to Serve would like to be of service to you. By allowing us to take care of the basic cleaning activities within your newly constructed place, you can focus on other things, such as; color schemes, window treatments, decorations, and many other things.

Please contact Maid to Serve if we can assist you with cleaning services for new construction properties. Our advanced cleaning techniques will provide you with excellent results that will prepare your home for easy living.

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